An easier, more efficient way to become sustainable

You could hire consultants. Or you could become carbon neutral with Equilibrium


The inspiration for Equilibrium has been several years in the making. Our first two co-founders, Frank Meehan and Jay McCarthy, have been investing into startups throughout Asia and the US for several years as partners at SparkLabs Ventures Group, but increasingly became focused on innovative technologies that had a positive impact on our planet.


In 2017 they partnered with expereinced investors in Australia on an environmental, food and agricultural technology early stage fund called SparkLabs Cultiv8 that has made over 20 investments in these sectors to date.


They increasingly became convinced that businesses would be the key catalysts creating a sustainable planet for our children, and that the most sustainable companies would be the most investable in the future.


Transparent reporting and actions are now demanded by large corporates, institutional investors and governments. But Frank and Jay found that companies often spent 70-80% than they should on sustainability reporting and management, and nowhere near enough on strategy planning and implementation of improvements. That’s because It’s currently time consuming, complex and expensive, with an ever increasing number of frameworks, standards and requirements on businesses from investors, regulators, customers and consumers. 


They decided to build a data driven platform that would enable companies of all sizes to solve these problems, and were quickly joined by Angel Ho, who had previously co-founded HaHow, Taiwan’s leading digital education platform. At the same time, Tim Hwang, CEO of Fiscal Note, Christian Bartz-Johannessen, former head of strategic investors for Seatankers, and Dale Nicholls of Fidelity, joined as co-founding investors.

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